Sex Is The Easiest Thing To Get These Days. Sex Is Everywhere. The Hardest Thing Is Love. Respect. Loyalty. Trust. Those Are Things You Can’t Just Find. Anybody Can Have Sex With Anybody. There’s Nothing Sacred About Sex Anymore. People Have Sex Before They Start Dating. People Have Children Before Marriage. Sex Has Become Easy. There Are Many Ways To Get It. You Don’t Even Need To Think Hard. It’s There For Everyone To Enjoy. Right Now Your Girlfriend Has Whatsapp. Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. Tik Tok. Snapchat. Out Of All These Platforms You Think You Are The Only Man She Talks To? Anybody Can Reach Her. Anybody Can Talk To Her. Some Guys She Won’t Like. Some Guys Will Get Her Attention. Within That Process. Someone Will Score. There’s No Way That She Can Be Rejecting Everyone Everyday. Someone Will Score. That’s Why I Say Sex Has Become Meaningless. Find Someone With Loyalty. Respect. Kindness. Love & Care. Such Partners Are Rare – Thokozani Vilakazi

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